About a Bird

Deirdra Harris Glover is a woman with many feathers in her cap: web designer, writer, blogger, activist, certified yoga instructor, daughter, sister, wife, and mother to her brood of animals. Recently, she’s added somewhat obsessive interest in wire-work jewelry, and that is likely why you are reading this.

Deirdra is equally as diverse in her recreational activities, enjoying theatre, dance, indie roleplaying games, Mac computers and cosmetics, creating food that occasionally looks like art, buying body products that smell like food, gardening, faerie stories from across the globe, animal macros, anything Joss Whedon touches, mythic studies, and chasing senators in their natural habitat. She believes puppy kisses should be investigated as a cure to the common cold, that music is nearly as vital as oxygen, and that dyeing one’s hair is an effective cure for the blues, the mean reds, or the dreaded and often-fatal creeping frump.

As someone who fervently believes in the power of individual action, Deirdra is pleased that donations of her jewelry have benefited several nonprofit agencies, including C.A.R.A., A.R.R.F., Planned Parenthood of Alabama/MS, and the Mississippi Center for Violence Prevention.

Deirdra lives in the wilds of Mississippi with four cats, three blogs, two dogs, and one husband.