The Black Swan

The Black Swan, choker and ear wires

Swan EarringsShe was fascinating to behold, pure mystery wrapped in grace and elegance. Though the day was hot, her gown was black, and far too adorned for mourning. She moved through the crowd, neck erect but her lashes lowered. Was it demurity, or a sly veiling of emotion? Her expression was enigmatic, intoxicating: she was a woman of secrets.

The weight of my gaze brought her full attention upon me. She turned, crisp white underskirts flashing beneath the jet gown, and met my eyes with her wild own.

She took flight, faster than any well-heeled lady I have ever known. To this day, I cannot tell you if I heard the rustle of taffeta, or of wings. Clearly, I had never seen such a creature before that summer day, and it is likely I never shall again.

Solid sterling silver wire with black peacock pearls. $50 for the choker (can also be fashioned as a versatile brooch), $72 for the set. Commission a similar set.