Robins in a Shotgun Shack

Robins In A Shotgun Shack

The proceeds from this nest benefit ARRF,
a no-kill shelter in Leland, Mississippi.





Once upon a time, there were two thrushes working a juke joint in New Orleans. Mister Blue was a piano player, Robyn was a waitress with dreams of being a torch singer someday. Blue began oiling his coiffure into a pompadour, and Robyn would lean all-too-closely on his piano, her scarlet breast fluttering as she sang an enthralling melody. As so many songbirds are wont to do, they soon became lovebirds. Within weeks, they had moved in together.

They made plans to travel the world together, trading song for soup, living on music and adventure. These plans were not to be: one day, there was a nest tucked into a dresser drawer, and two eggs, huge with the beginnings of a different life. They didn’t have a lot of money and they never got to see the world, but they had a wealth of the important things, like love, jazz, and the wondrous contents of those two brilliant eggs.

Solid sterling silver wire nest with robin’s egg blue pearls.

Purchase Robins in a Shotgun Shack, $45

Purchase Robins in a Shotgun Shack, “cooped,” $48