Nest of the Golden Goose

Nest of the Golden Goose

Proceeds from the original nest benefited ARRF,
a no-kill shelter in Leland, Mississippi.

Once upon a time, there was a strange little woman with an even stranger goose. Every morning, the woman would wander out into her yard to feed her animals, and every day, she was delighted to find a breathtaking golden egg in her dear goose’s nest.

This was a learned woman, as wise as she was strange. She had read of Aesop’s ill-fated goose, of the generous Mallard with gilt plumage, and the other unfortunate golden fowl of faraway lands. She proceeded with patience and love, and through this remarkable gift, grew wealthy beyond imagination.

I acquired these lustrous eggs from a mysterious woman with a knowing smile, and the most delicate jewelry fashioned of hammered gold. Her companion was very polite, but appeared to have a cold, as he could not speak, but honked discreetly into a handkerchief.

Gunmetal bronze art wire nest with golden pearls. $33.

Commission a similar nest.